Quashing of Criminal Case in Land Sale Dispute and Lack of Allegations Against Appellants: SC


Summary of Judgment

In this case the Supreme Court of India delivered a judgment quashing the criminal case registered against the appellants. The appellants had challenged the order of the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, which had dismissed their petition seeking the quashing of the FIR registered against them.

The Supreme Court analyzed the facts presented in the impugned FIR and found that there were no allegations against the appellants of any conspiracy or connivance in the sale of the land. After a careful examination of the FIR and the facts of the case, the court held that no case was made out against the appellants. It concluded that allowing the trial to proceed would amount to an abuse of the court's process, particularly when a civil suit challenging the sale deed had already been filed prior to the registration of the FIR.

Consequently, the Supreme Court allowed the appeal, set aside the High Court's order, and quashed the criminal case registered against the appellants and all subsequent proceedings related to them.

This summary provides a concise overview of the key aspects and outcome of the judgment while maintaining the style and tone of a lawyer. For a complete understanding of the case, it is advisable to refer to the full judgment.

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